10 Best Miniatures Projects on Kickstarter Right Now

Kickstarter is an awesome source of games, hobbies and generally niche products that are best funded directly by the online global fanbase rather than in direct competition with the big companies in stores. When it comes to big companies, few markets are quite as horribly strangled as miniatures, in particular miniature wargames, where the most readily available models are sold worldwide at exorbitant prices.

Thanks to the wonder of crowdfunding, Kickstarter has a whole raft of alternatives that might better suit your tastes, or simply add to your collection for a more reasonable price. The downsides of any Kickstarter project are that sometimes they don’t get enough backing to be funded, and even if they do, Kickstarter campaigns only run for a very limited time, so if you find a great one after the closing date, you miss out.

With that in mind, it’s time to get these 10 projects as many backers as possible before the clock runs out, because if you love miniatures and gaming, you’re bound to see something that you absolutely must have. Without further ado and in no particular order, the 10 Best Miniature Projects on Kickstarter Right Now!

Demigods Evolution



Demigods is more board game than tabletop war game, but the customisable miniatures look great and the project has already tripled its target. Over the next couple of days you can be sure of exactly what you’re getting for your money before the kickstarter winds up.


Darklands: Metal Age



Darklands is a complete Dark Fantasy tabletop war game, but the kickstarter is specifically for the awesome miniatures. With Axe-wielding Norse warriors and twisted beasts of all kinds, Darklands has a great style that I’m definitely a fan of. There’s a bit of time left in the kickstarter, but a fair way to go before this one is fully funded.


Cracked Earth Terrain


Cracked Earth have some sweet buildings and barricades for tabletop gaming and the early bird offer is still available for the combined tower and tavern package, but shipping could get crazy if you decide you want one of the custom printed game boards to accompany them.


Heroes of Might and Magic Archangel


This project is as simple as they come, a single miniature of incredible quality for an affordable price. The artist is obviously very talented and is a huge fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic games, so if you want a beautiful mini of the Heroes of Might and Magic Archangel, this is the project for you.


Spanner in the Worx Terrain


There are only a few days left to get on board with this one, but the well-crafted terrain available in this project would do any futuristic wargamer proud. With outdoor compounds, bunkers and defensive positions in addition to corridors and rooms straight out of a bunker complex or space station, this is a terrain kit that will no doubt see plenty of use on the gaming table.


The Shattered Crown


This one is more of a long-shot in terms of predicting whether or not it will make it across the line, but the project itself is pretty solid. The miniatures aren’t necessarily as gorgeous as some of the others on this list, but the game itself has plenty to bring to the table and as always the price points are excellent compared to the miniatures on sale from the big companies, especially if you can snag one of the Early Bird Large Army pledges. If you really want to know why you should be backing this one, read the comments on the kickstarter page and enjoy.


Zombicide Black Plague


Another project with only a couple of days to go, but one you don’t want to miss out on. Not only is Zombicide an absolutely cracking game, but the miniatures are fantastic and this time the game and the minis are medieval fantasy! There’s a reason this project has made over $2.5 million when the goal was only $125k.


Atlantis Miniatures Goblins Orcs and Trolls


Orcs, Goblins and Trolls may be ugly bastards, but that doesn’t mean the miniatures can’t be beautiful. This project uses 3D printing rather than metal cast figures but if the product image is accurate the quality is well and truly there. Not only is there plenty to like about the whole collection, but the option to buy individual minis of your choice is a real stand-out.


Veil Fall


No offense to the writers of the kickstarter page on this one, but “dark future horror” doesn’t sell me this project half as much as “Anthropomorphic Wolf Space Marines”. The miniatures are pewter and the stretch goals include humans and some truly horrific dark horror options, but I’m glad the wolves are the starting choice.


Laser Touch Carry Cases


Whether you pick up any of the other 9 projects or you’re just sticking with your massive collection of miniatures from other games and projects, the important thing is being able to store and transport them without wrecking all your hard work and wasting your investments. I’m sure you’ve seen as many terrible make-shift storage solutions as I have, but thankfully this project offers genuine quality well beyond the typical GW plastic case at an incredible price point. Add to that the fact this project is the only Australian one on the list and take it as a given that if you can only afford to back one of these projects, it should be this one.


If you want to let us know which of these projects have got your backing or point us towards some great miniatures projects that we missed, join the conversation at the Geek Mountain Base Camp!