Detroit: Become Human



As a opening to this amazing game you are thrown straight into the midst of a hostage situation where you are the android negotiator. While a great introduction to the game and the gameplay systems, your actions in this scenario will affect the rest of the game.



The storyline has you playing as 3 main characters, Connor, Kara and Markus. Each with their own unique background, storyline and motivations. Their story really brings you in, and depending on how you want to play the game you have the choices available to help or hurt each character.



Whether you are all for Android rights and freedom, or would prefer to continue with Android servants this game gives you options in each scenario to play your story. While there is a bit of a push towards Android freedom to continue the flow of the game, that is creatively optional.



This is an area where the game really shines, and it's almost creepy. The game visuals show the Androids as being completely lifelike, except for the LED indicator on their right temple, which serves as an Android indicator.



There isn’t a lot of focus on the soundtrack of this game, except for in certain areas. Because of this it isn’t much of a point to remember.



The concept of this game involves certain Android becoming ‘Deviant’, which is basically them gaining the ability of free will and emotions. Is this a bug in the software, or a natural evolution in their programming? Either way this is a common fear amongst people, what will happen if androids gain the ability of free will.



The game is an amazing story driven experience. There are 2 options of difficulty that will give much different experiences. Casual gameplay focuses on story and will allow you to have more time to make your decisions, while Experience game play gives very little time to make decisions. Experience is the difficulty that I would recommend as it gives so much excitement to a fast moving story.



For a concept of Androids fighting for their freedom it ticks all the right boxes or a great new experience. The game makes you think about the potential of what may happen when androids may one day become reality and the potential impacts that may cause.



There isn’t a lot of over complicated mechanics in this game to make it difficult for players either new to the genre or new to gaming. Anyone who is interested in a great player driver story will enjoy this game.



Considering I spent almost all of my free time for 2 weeks playing this game I think its pretty safe to say that this story is amazingly addictive. The enjoyment


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