Dragon Ball FighterZ

The hype around this game has been insane since it was unveiled at E3 last year. A DragonBall fighter that looks just like the anime? Gimme Gimme Gimme! This game does not disappoint! There is plenty to do, from online tournaments to a healthy and cleverly designed single player storyline. And visually you’ll feel like you are just watching an interactive episode. Without any further delay, let’s break this bad boy down.



Any fighting game has trouble justifying the story element but Dragon Ball FighterZ makes each fight feel like part of an episode. The Red Ribbon army are back with another master plan at world domination and it's up to the Z Fighters to put a stop to it. With alsmost every character you've ever met in the DragonBall universe making an appearance this will be a great experience for the fans. And with different cutscenes to unlock and discover depending on which characters you bring with you to each fight there is also a lot of replayability.



As I mentioned in the story section, this game is jam packed with characters that you know and love from the series. And each character feels and plays uniquely to their own style while still being accessible through the simple to learn yet challenging to master control system.



Each fight has been an action packed extravaganza of fast combat and spectacular energy attacks. And on top of that there are so many different ways to play this game and so many different items and characters to unlock that this game will keep you very busy.



Absolutely Stunning! The 2.5D Cel-shading is absolutely gorgeous! It looks and feels like you stepped into the anime. Even the zoom in and zoom out moments during special attacks feel like moments directly from the series. The team at Arc System Works clearly are passionate about giving the fans a true DragonBall experience and they nailed it!



Fully voice acted with an option to listen to the "Original Japenese" or the "English Dubs"? No matter your preferences this game has you covered. The music all suites the tone of the cutscenes and is put together well. And the sound effects fit perfectly. You'll experience every element of the Kamehameha wave as it destroys your living room.



A lot of DragonBall games have come and gone, trying to capture the essence of this beloved series, but this is the first to truly feel like a genuine extension of the show we love.



The fighting system is simple enough to learn that you'll instantly feel like a champion, pulling of combos and special moves like crazy! The game has a solid training simulation to teach you everything from the ground up and each of the fighterZ use the exact same control scheme, with only slight variations to there actions so once you've got one down you'll have them all. In saying that, this game may be simple to learn but it will take you a long time to master. The combination of moves and techniques available will allow true fighterZ to pull off some truly amazing fights. I can't wait to see this hit the ESports arena!


This game is the DragonBall fighting game we've always wanted. It feels so much like the anime that you'll sometimes forget to hit any of the buttons and think "Why is Goku just standing there? is he charging up one of his attacks?". If you're a fan of the series you will fall in love with this game and if you love fighting games you'll definitely enjoy the fast paced combo fury that Arc System Works have created. I highly recommend going out and giving this game a shot.

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