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First off, let me start by saying, I spent very little time playing the original Xenoverse, so this review will be from a completely fresh perspective, secondly, as a long time Dragon Ball fan who has skipped the last few generations of games due to a less than ideal level of satisfaction with a large percentage of them, I must say I really enjoyed DBXV2, so grab your Dragon-Radar and lets get this adventure started!



I am a sucker for time travel, and even more so for alternate universes and boy does this game play on both.
For those who don't know, the story revolves around a couple of baddies messing with the Dragon Ball time-line, and your goal as member of the Time Patrol to do everything within your power to make sure history remains as it should.

The story itself may seem a little played out (especially since I believe this is the basic plot to the first game) but with so many amazing moments in Dragon Ball history, how could you not want to go back and live them all, and I especially love the fact that DBXV2 takes some non-canonical characters such as Lord Slug and brings them into the 'canon' universe, when this first dawned on me, I felt as giddy as I did the first time I saw Cell reach his perfect form.



There isn't much to say about the characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, your old favorites are there, Goku, Vegeta, the other guys (just kidding, Tien you know you're my boy!) along side some new baddies, but the fun of the game comes in being able to make your own character, there are five race to pick from, Majin, Saiyna, Human, Namekian and "Frieza Race", each race (excluding Namekian and Frieza Race) can be either male or female, and is to a degree customizable.
Whilst the degree of customisation is not the biggest, there is enough there to be able to change height, voice, sex, clothing colour hair and eyes, add in the in games items you can find, such as Roshi's turtle shell, or wigs styled after varies characters and there is enough there to keep you entertained, and if you're anything like me, you will have a heap of fun trying to make themed characters! (my first character may have been a Namekian called Osborn who was heavily inspire by one of my all time favourite comic book super villains.



The game started off a little slow for me, there is a fair bit of tutorial and screens popping up to explain everything that is going on, but once passed that necessary evil (and believe me with a game this big you'll be happy to get a heads up on everything you can) the games charm really started to shine, it wasn't long before I was unlocking some of my favourite moves and zipping around on a capsule corp vehicle looking for my next fight, or beautifully animated cinematic, but for me the real fun started when I switched from the pro-controller to the Joy Con, which enabled some very light, and surprisingly fluid feeling motion controls, being able to act out some of super moves is really fun, and whilst simple in both design and execution, it shows just how far Nintendo has come with the Joy Con compared to their previous attempt at motion controls, which I felt more often than not was a negative aspect to gaming.



I will start with the negative, some of the graphics in the over-world are not as sharp or detailed as I would like them to be, shop signs and shadows are pixilated, but being an MMO I can somewhat forgive this as I believe it allows the game to run as smoothly as it does, and I believe it to be a fair trade off to have characters models and fight locations look as beautiful as they do, the first time I took a fight into the air, and looked down at all the map, I got the same feeling I had when I first looked out of an airplane window, for a fight location to be so simple, so cartoonish, yet so beautiful, it really did rekindle the love I used to have Dragon Ball games, that I lost over the last few games.



Where the overall visual feel of the game dragged me in, the soundtrack really let me down, the in game fight music is nice, if you are in to the usual Dragon Ball rock / metal genre, and whilst I am personally not, I can forgive it for a franchise based on high adrenaline, but the lack of variety in tone, coupled with that fact that the default music level is so loud I couldn't hear the first section of the story properly (I highly recommended lowering the BGM and upping the Dialogue in the options menu before you start playing the game) was very distracting, and is probably one of two things about the game I did not enjoy.
What was my main announce with the game? Lack of lip-syncing, the English voices come no where near matching the movement of the character mouth (often completing a sentence whilst the character continues to move their mouth for another five or so seconds)
I am not sure if this is an English only problem, as I was unable to change the language in options menu.



I really do like the concept of the game, an MMO DBZ game is something many fans have wanted for a long time, and whilst not on the same level as World Of Warcraft, it is certainly fun to meet up with friends and strangers, and share your love of Dragon Ball via an epic (online or local) adventure.



As stated at the beginning, I played the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse for all of five minutes at a mates house, but lack of knowledge in the Xenoverse franchise was no setback, as the starting tutorial and easy to navigate menus
held my hand at all the right times, making it easy for just about anyone to pick up. play, and enjoy.



Whilst not the most addictive game I have played recently, I can definitely see myself playing this game for a while, as the ability to have more than one character, play with friends, and relive some of Dragon Balls best moments is something not to be passed up.


All things considerd DBXV2 for nintendo switch doesnt bring many new things to the table, so if you've played the Xbox 1 or PS4 release You may want to give it a miss, But, if like myself You are new to the franchise, or looking to add some Dragon Ball goodness to your Switch catalogue, it is definitely worth using a wish on (Krillin may have to wait another year)

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