Far Cry 5

If video game franchises were food, Far Cry would be a big bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese – cheesy, filling, familiar, perfect comfort food. Far Cry 5 is another huge bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese, if you haven’t gorged yourself on lesser pasta dishes (Far Cry Primal) then you should have a wonderful (however familiar) time with it.

Have you seen the movie Red State? Probably not, that’s fine it’s only an OK movie. But this game feels like the Red State game – What if the Westbro Baptist Church had guns? And while Red State’s action was mostly confined to a compound, Far Cry 5 has a whole county to play around in. Say goodbye to the tropical islands and mountain peaks of Far Cry prior and say hello to the sleepy towns and farmlands of the Bible belt, USA. It’s a sprawling county too, with miles and miles to explore.

The game starts impressively. It’s a darker tone than previous games, a heightened depiction of the ugly, religious far right that has recently found its voice. I thought/hoped it would keep this tone and have something profound to say about the current political climate but as for most open-world games, the tone is all over the place. One second you’re seeing your allies being tortured in the name of the Lord and the next you’re driving stunt courses while fireworks explode all around you.

The tonal clash is the most disappointing aspect of the game. The trailers all promised a dark and brooding tale but within one hour you’re killing a pig with a shovel while Christian music blares on some faraway speakers. It just feels a bit…silly.

The systems and gameplay are taut are hell, after several games of clearing out enemy encampments, you’d think it’d be boring but I’m still enjoying finding new ways of doing it, whether going in guns and allies blazing or sneaking in armed with nothing more than a bow and arrow. Gone is the climbing of radio towers in order to expose the map though but I for one ain’t complaining. Bye towers! Things are so streamlined, that fun is that is left.

I’ve only had the pleasure of playing this game for a little bit but I’m looking forward on sinking spending many more hours of traipsing around the Montana countryside in Far Cry 5.

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