JourneyQuest Season 3, Wherefore Art Thou?

For those of you who haven’t seen JourneyQuest let me just say, you are missing out. It’s an epic RPG style fantasy adventure web series with a party made up of a cunning elfmaid Rogue, an idiotic but strong Warrior, a talented healer Priest and a not so talented (actually make that utterly useless) Wizard named Perf. The story is primarily shown from the view of the party and a Bard in training, who continues to come up against issues of interfering in the epics and tales she is trying to record. There are Orcs and assassins, evil Kings, puzzles and mazes, a talking sword, spells gone wrong and a lot of hilarity on the way. It’s a beautifully written series, with a great cast. This series is brought to us by the awesome Zombie Orpheus Entertainment who have produced a number of popular web series such as The Gamers, Dorkness Rising and Dark Dungeons, though JourneyQuest has definitely been my favourite.

Currently there are two seasons which you can watch on YouTube or purchase via JourneyQuest’s website, and while the two seasons were popular it seems Season 3 has failed to get the funding it needed. The cast is keen, as are the project managers but with a few changes in line-up for the production team and lack of funding the third season has been repeatedly delayed. A sign-up sheet to show support for a KickStarter has once more been doing the rounds, giving fans some hope but with all the verbal support few have gone ahead and signed up, even someone like myself who is a big fan only recently saw the campaign. The series ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger, with character futures hanging in the balance and the longer it takes for the third series to be completed, the more fans move on. As many fans of web series know these types of projects often end prematurely due to lack of monetary support and while fans want more, they often aren’t willing to invest in the projects they love.

Is this the end for JourneyQuest? Will Perf the wizard ever truly figure out his backwards magic? Will he and Nara get together? Is Carrow doomed to his super icky fate? Will Wren ever become a full-fledged bard and get given a TRUE epic of her own? Will we ever know the answers to these questions? I encourage everyone to go and give JourneyQuest a watch, if you like it then sign-up to say yes, I will support a KickStarter, let’s make series three! This Geek Mountain Guru lives in hope that we will finally get more of this great show and others from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. I encourage you to check it out on Youtube and sign up here to get a renewal of JourneyQuest happening!

  • Moritz Schubert

    You probably already know this, but just to make sure: The JourneyQuest kickstarter is going to launch next Monday.
    Maybe you could write a blog entry about it… 🙂