Jurassic World Evolution



This game is highly entertaining, once you get past the steep learning curve. The level of detail to which you can control the way your park functions is incredible. And the game just gets better and better as you continue to discover new breeds of dinosaur.



While this game may not use the most cutting edge graphics, the ability to zoom out to see the overall park then instantly zoom in to see the detail of each dinosaur makes this a truly beautiful game. There is a lot of visual information and all of it is beautifully structured.



Hearing that classic theme always gets me excited! And listening to each of the dinosaurs roaring is amazing.



This is the Jurassic Park Simulator I have always wanted! The freedom to create the perfect park or just let your Velociraptors loose on the park guests...



The game has a basic tutorial which will get you by, but there are a lot of things this game has hidden outside of that tutorial that it can take you HOURS to find that may or may not be pivotal to you making it to the last few islands.



I literally lost hours to this game without realising. You can never ave too many dinosaurs. And just as you're about to finish a session something goes wrong. So you fix it and as you do find something new to try. Before you know it it's 4am and you have work in a few hours.


If you are a fan of the Jurassic Park/World Franchise or you just enjoy a good Theme Park Simulators you will love this game. Hours of fun finding new dinosaurs, unlocking new attractions and travelling to new islands.

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