Kinect-less Xbox One “doubles” sales

Microsoft has announced via Xbox Wire that in the last month, since the release of the Kinect-less Xbox One, their sales have more than doubled in the US. Microsoft has based this claim on “internal data” from “retail calender and sold through numbers”, so is this a massive swing in favor of the Xbox One, or just a solid PR spin?

I do believe that you are really missing out if you bought a Kinect-less Xbox One, but at this stage Microsoft just needs to get consoles in houses. The Kinect can wait until it really is a necessity, not a luxury item.

What do you guys think of this numbers spin? Did the Kinect-less Xbox one convince you to jump on board? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Sean Damon

    I think a XBONE is definitely going to sell more with the $100 cheaper price tag. But having said that, I think it makes it more useless due to developers not being guaranteed that every XBONE owner has one.