King of Co-op: Gears of War 4

I’ve always enjoyed Gears of War, but with the first game not coming out until 2006 my heart already belonged to the Halo franchise when it came to sci-fi shooters, especially with both offering co-op campaign play and competitive multiplayer. Sure, I played through all the Gears of War games, but only when my mates and I had already conquered Halo and were looking for something to do next.

Fast forward to the latest generation of games and neither Halo nor Destiny allow for local splitscreen co-op, leaving me to indroduce my partner Andie to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition just so we could gun our way through the Locust together without buying another console or PC. But would we be setting ourselves up for disappointment when Gears of War 4 released this month?

Hell no.

Not only is Gears of War 4 a fantastic game in terms of the original franchise (the story is probably the best since the original) with the added bonus of better gameplay, better graphics and dare I say better characters, but it brings all of the next gen love without sacrificing any of the co-op greatness.


Not only is the Campaign playable fully local splitscreen, but as with previous Gears titles both players can play at different difficulty levels of their own choosing, a feature that is severely under-rated for anyone wanting to commit the time to play through the whole game together. Throw in the splitscreen enabled online versus and wave defense Horde modes and you’ve got the ultimate couch co-op shooter on your hands.

If you’re unsure what the gameplay is like, here’s a little taste of the online versus. But it’s really worth playing it yourself.

Gears 4 sets itself apart from the previous games in the series to begin with, but it stays true to the original games where it counts, making it an ideal jumping in point for new players as well as continuing the saga for the die hard fans, with the fresh new additions only enhancing the setting and over-all plot.

More than just a cash grab sequel, Gears of War 4 is a game worthy of your time and money in a market that is flooded with new releases that won’t stand the test of time.

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