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Octopath’s story would be best described as immense. With 8 different characters all with a fully voiced tales you know from the very beginning that this story is going to be big. The stories are vibrant, fun and well written. Although they suffer from many cliches and are pretty predictable. They are still engagingly written and interesting. One other unfortunate drawback is that you keep feeling like they will merge into one great big tale. But this never happens. Which is a bit of a let down.



The characters are where Octopath really shines. Everyone from Alfyn the Alchemist to Olberic the knight, the characters of Octopath have been crafted with care and it shows! You will quickly be pulled into their tales and become invested to see where their stories take you.



Octopath is really good fun and a great addition to the Switch library, which is lacking a bit in JRPG’s at the moment. With a massive amount of playtime for each character’s story and 8 total characters. You should get lots of fun playtime from it.



Expect an homage to the JRPG era of old with Octopath. The visuals are heavily inspired by the 16 bit era and do look wonderful. However, this largely comes from the nostalgic feel of great JRPG classics and not because the graphics really stand up on their own.



The music is wonderful and fits the game well. It’s in line with what you would expect from a Square Enix title.



Octopath is a JRPG and comes with all that entails, turn based combat, magic system etc. But the real differences in Octopath comes from the system of guards. Every enemy has a type they are weak too. Once you hit them enough with their weakness you break their guard leaving them open for a strong attack. This is a different concept and can lead to using some attacks you usually wouldn’t bother with. You would usually never choose to his an enemy with your staff instead of spells in other JRPG’s this system means you will.



Here is a bit of where the game can fall down a little. It’s pretty accessible, for a JRPG, but that caveat is the problem, JRPG’s aren’t the most accessible games. So it can be a little confusing at times. It’s also worth mentioning that the tutorial windows are just pop ups. Which is good if you are well versed with JRPG’s but also present a risk of skipping some game vital information if you don’t read them thoroughly before slamming that skip button.


Octopath is great JRPG addition to the switch and definitely worth picking up if you are a JRP fan!

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