Project Cars 2

For too long the go-kart has be a joke of the video game world, the choice of transport of Italian plumbers and their wacky mates but Project Cars 2 aims to put bring the serious back into the sport.

I only had a few hours with Project Cars 2 before I had to get on an international flight but the time I spent with this gem of a game was intense. To be honest with you, I have never been much for racing simulators. I drive a car in real life and am not really looking for an accurate recreation of a drive to the shops. But Project Cars gives you a range of vehicles that would make a trip to the shops a blast.

You know Project Cars 2 is different to other racing games from the start. The intro movie isn’t some rock song blaring with quick cut shots of spinning tyres, cars leaping over jumps and deadly crashes. The intro movie is beautiful serene music and sleek, gorgeous cars expertly racing. This game celebrates the beauty and expertise in racing – the gracefulness of the sport.

You’re confronted with a options screen after the intro movie and know right away – this thing is dense. Options fill the screen. I remember watching my brother tweak the multitude of options on his racing games for hours and I could see him really getting stuck into these bad boys.

Immediately, you are given a wide range of cars and races to test out. I chose the aforementioned go-karts because I wanted to take back karting from the ghosts, dinosaurs and princesses that have dominated the video game landscape for decades.

The game is beautiful. Racing games have often been the go to genre to show off what a system can do and Project Cars 2 is no exception. Crisp courses, fantastic models and realistic weather effects all looked amazing on my TV.

The game controls well too. Responsive and realistic which meant after tearing away into an early lead, it wasn’t long until my foolish attempts to drift a go-kart meant I was coming last again and again. I cannot wait to get home and I can learn the right lines to drive and master precision driving. With over 170 fully licensed cars, you could spend hundreds of hours with this game.

Overall, Project Cars 2 is the perfect game for racing fans because it clearly loves the sport too. And with how good it looks, plays and feels; it might just convert a few of us casual gamers too.

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