RPG Sneak Peek: The Strange

Monte Cook Games

For all the tabletop roleplaying games that I’ve played over the years, I can admit that I’m guilty of having a select few favourite RPG systems that my friends and I always seem to return to rather than branching out and picking up new games.

With that said, this year I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the playtesting process for a brand new game from Monte Cook Games, and I’m keen to share my experiences as much as I can without breaching any NDAs.

What I can definitely tell you is that the game in question is called “The Strange” and was successfully funded via Kickstarter (which they absolutely smashed, pulling in over $400k of their initial goal of $60k, and unlocking a galaxy of stretch goals that are bound to make “The Strange” a richer and more exciting system to explore and play.

As far as the system itself is concerned, The Strange is based on the same story-driven mechanics as the previous kickstarter success from MCG, “Numenera” and one of the biggest distinctions from Numenera and one of the biggest drawcards for The Strange is in the setting and the unique mechanics that have grown to support it.

At its core, The Strange is a game that redefines the universe as we know it, setting our Earth (and the rules of the universe that go with it) as just one of a potentially infinite number of worlds (or “recursions”), each with their own rules that allow everything from high fantasy with magic and monsters, dark science-fiction with cyborgs and bio-technology to alternate-earths with a few minor but drastic differences. What truly sets The Strange apart and excites me as a player is the unique setting means characters actually translate to different versions of themselves in any of these recursions they travel to. To put it simply, your character can have different appearance, stats, race or even gender (all decided and created by you, the player) in every new world you travel to!

So far my personal experience playing The Strange has been overwhelmingly positive, I’ve had my share of combat but the system is more than just a dungeon crawl in alternate realities, and the flexibility of the material (especially when the strengths and weaknesses of your party members can change from recursion to recursion) has really grabbed my interest.
Stay tuned for more official details on The Strange as it gets closer to release, and I’ll keep playing this fantastic new game in my new weekly group!

You can check out The Strange at their website.


  • Gareth Hodges

    Makes it sound fascinating! I look forward to trying it 😛

    • http://geekmountain.com.au/author/rabbitman3000/ Rick Haseman

      Thanks! Stay tuned for my take on it as we go…