Sea of Thieves

This is a game I have been excited about ever since the first reveal at E3 a few years ago. Rare making an open world pirate game, you say? When can I play it? The wait is finally over and it’s time to hit the high seas on your quest to become a pirate legend! But the real question is has it been worth the wait? Spoiler alert: IT HAS! Stop reading and go play it for yourself!



Something you'll probably be hearing a lot about is the IPG, or Infinite Pirate Generator. As far as character creation is concerned this is definitely a fun new take. A spiral of eight (8) randomly generated pirates will be on display for your choosing. Each as whacky as the next. Tattoos, Scars, Hooks, Crooked noses and crooked smiles. It is a fantastic system that takes the pain out of trying to generate a particular idea that you can never quite achieve leaving you unhappy with your choice for the entire game. Just keep spinning the generator until you find a pirate you love and you are good to go. And the character designs in this game are truly fantastic! Every pirate you see feels real and lived in without losing its cartoonish charm.



A create-your-own-fun game at heart there is a surprising amount to do in this game already, and the team at Rare are planning to add even more as time goes on. You can following maps and hunt for treasure, collect the skulls of cursed pirates and claim the bounty, deliver goods from outpost to outpost, take on hoards of skeletons at a pirate fort or just explore the expansive collection of beautifully design islands. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for what this game has to offer players. The real fun is in the stories you create adventuring with your friends. Coming across other pirates on the seas. Firing yourself out of canons.



The visuals are spectacular! The water design alone is enough to make your head explode. And to think that every player on your server is experiencing the exact same waves and crashes that you are is an incredible achievement.



The music is great. Incredibly immersive. You can feel your heart start to race when the music lifts as you approach danger. You can play your instruments together on the ship to pass the time on your voyage across the seas.
On top of that the quality of the sound effects and atmosphere are incredibly immersive and satisfying. From the "Cronch" of a banana to the shattering of so many pirate skeletons.



While the open-world, make your own adventure games are relatively common these days, Sea of Thieves truly stands out. With a strong sense of theme and fantastic game mechanics, being a pirate and sailing the high seas is a lot of fun. Whether you're planning to quest for treasure or just explore, the tools Rare have created will give you endless possibilities for creating your own stories.



As there is no real progression system in the game, everyone is always on equal footing. In theory this is a fantastic mechanic that will allow players to jump into the game months from now and still be able to go toe to toe with veteran pirates. The only real negative when it comes to accessibility is the lack of tutorial or instructions. Everything we have found within the game has been through a series of trial and error attempts. Whether this was the intended experience or just that any tutorial mode would have been clunky and impossible is hard to say, but there is certainly a learning curve to becoming a good pirate.



As much as I have had a few bad experiences going up against griefing pirates I am 100% addicted to this game! I am picking it up and playing it every second that I get. And when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about playing it. And when I'm playing it it's hard to pt it down.

Just one more chest, just one more island, just one more shipwreck...


This is a must play title and will definitely be a system seller for Xbox and Microsoft. The team at Rare have truly outdone themselves! This is an instant classic! Sea of Thieves is available now! Xbox One & PC. Also available through XBox Game Pass.

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