Taking Issue With… Civil War II: Issue #2

It’s been a fortnight since Civil War II: Issue #1 and the event is starting to take definite shape thanks to the first issues of Civil War II: Amazing Spiderman, Civil War II: Gods of War, Civil War II: X-Men and even a digital infinite comic Civil War II: Ulysses, but nothing has yet been able to top the gut-wrenching climax of the first issue of Civil War II itself.

In my Taking Issue With… articles I try to avoid spoilers for the issue I’m discussing, but previous issues will definitely be fair game, so if you don’t want Civil War II #1 spoilers, stop reading now.





Oh hey, spoilers!

Oh hey, spoilers!

Reading that first issue I definitely thought She-Hulk had died as well as War-Machine, but this issue opens referring to poor Rhodey as the only casualty so far, with Jennifer hanging on in a coma instead. This was a huge relief for me and oddly one of the most memorable things from this issue.

While the other comics in the Civil War II event have been pretty consistently good so far, Civil War II: Issue #2 doesn’t work quite so well as a stand-alone issue. When the series is eventually released in trade paperback or hardcover format, the storytelling, characterisation and definitely art from this issue (Marquez is particularly great at drawing tears) will all stand the test of time but with two weeks since the first issue and the same wait again until the next, Civil War II #2 didn’t pack the same amount of action or drama into its 27 pages.

With that said, there’s personal conflict aplenty and enough new information and actions are introduced and taken that we’ll certainly be feeling the effects and consequences of this issue in a few weeks time as the series progresses.

Fans of Tony Stark will certainly get a kick out of this one, but personally I’m more interested in what the other heroes will do as this second Civil War escalates across the entire roster.

Finally, even though her role in this issue was very minor, the variant cover featuring The Mighty Thor is brilliant:

cwII issue 2 variant

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