The Geek Outdoors: Warsong LARP – Expedition

You may have heard how excited Andie and I were on the Podcast after attending our first Warsong LARP event Monster Hunt back in June, but now you can check out a little peek at it for yourself thanks to this short post-game video from one of the many hard working organisers that help make events like Brisbane’s Warsong LARP possible, with some great photos from a&a Images thrown in for good measure.

It was an incredibly hot day at the Expedition event, but that didn’t stop us and the other 50 odd players from kitting up to fight for a previously unclaimed island in the world of Elysium.

With plenty of combat, treasure, magic and a tavern that hosted as many murderous shankings as refreshing drinks and snacks, it was definitely an event to remember.

Expedition was the last full day game for Warsong LARP this year, but the weekly Arena and Chronicles games will continue on Thursday nights while many warbands plot their return to the island in hopes of winning it back from The Grey

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