Top 5 Movie Twins

5. The Shining – The Grady Twinsgrady
The Grady Twins are why I never ever want to be the parents of twins. I can’t bear the idea of walking to the bathroom in my own house and having them standing in my own hall in their matching dresses asking me, in unison, to come play with them. That stuff would give me the heebie-jeebies!

They aren’t in The Shining a lot. The twins, along with guy in the dog suit or the naked old lady in the bathroom scene, have these brief but terrifying moments. The Grady Girls’ time to shine is a haunting scene where they ask Danny to play with them, cut to the twins murdered, then back to alive, dead, alive– just thinking about it gives me the woollies! No sir, if I even father twins I am breaking them up immediately and sending them to opposite sides of the damned galaxy! Which brings me to my next movie…

4. Return Of The Jedi – Luke & Leialukeleia
Even though it’s a huge universe out there, filled with ranchor monsters, awesome four-armed restaurant owners, etc., it’s still possible to find that one special person. For Luke it was Leia, a sassy, beautiful vixen who still goes by ‘Princess’ even though her entire kingdom blew up. But Leia was special to Luke for a strange reason – get this, they are twins!

Perhaps (read: for certain) George Lucas did not conceive that his saga’s two main characters were brother and sister until after he filmed them making out but it’s the all-too-convenient bow that ties Return Of The Jedi together. At least that meant that poor old Han could finally start his relationship with her (he had been waiting four years!). The Force Awakens will be interesting because it will be the first full movie where Luke and Leia know that they are twins. I wonder if they will do twin things like wearing matching outfits and play Parent Trap-style pranks on people. TIME WILL TELL!

3. The Social Network – The Winklevoss Twins

In The Social Network, the Winklevoss twins are played by the same guy, Armie Hammer. This is quite a feat of special effects because, not only are they onscreen together constantly, but they’re also interacting with each other and stuff. It’s so good that you don’t even notice it’s a special effect. Director David Fincher has always been good at the non-showy special effects like that. Gone Girl, Zodiac and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are all filled with digital effects that you don’t notice.

Not only are the Winklevoss twins miracles of the SFX world but they are a highlight of the entire movie. Brash, arrogant and yet oddly charming, they are the villains of the movie but only because they are slightly bigger assholes than the rest of the cast.

2. The Prestige – The Borden Twinspresitge
Christian Bale plays twins… OOPS SPOILERS. OK, if you haven’t seen The Prestige yet it’s too bad because I want to talk about the twins. The fact that Christian Bale plays twins is the main (but not only) twist in what I think is Christopher Nolan’s best movie. The Prestige explores one of Christopher Nolan’s favourite topics: the high price of sacrifice. The sacrifice that the Borden twins have to pay for their art is staggering, second only perhaps to the sacrifice that Hugh Jackman’s character is driven to. An excellent movie and one I might have to re-watch very soon.

1. Gremlins 2: The New Batch – Martin & Lewisstanton
Gremlins 2: The New Batch is the best film ever made, no contest! So it should be no surprise that it takes the top spot on this list. Don and Dan Stanton as Martin and Lewis, the genetic scientists are the best twins ever put onto celluloid. First off, there is no movie magic there those guys are actually identical twins. Don and Dan Stanton are the same twins from that iconic scene in Terminator 2.

Yeah, that one.

You know how I know they are the best twin in movie history? Well, when I watch the scene that has screen legend Christopher Lee and a full body shot of Gizmo dancing to Fats Domino, the only thing I ever look at is Martin and Lewis doing their silly little sway/dance thing. It’s official: they are ‘The Top Movie Twins’.