Watch: Assassin’s Creed First Official Trailer

Videogame movies always come with a sense of caution if not flat-out dread.

When the casting of Michael Fassbender and the premise of the long rumoured Assassin’s Creed feature film were announced last year, nobody wanted to get their hopes too high, but with a real trailer to see for ourselves it’s time to start looking at this movie on what look to be some merits of its own.

Firstly, it’s visually an exciting trailer for fans of the Ubisoft series and general moviegoers alike.

But perhaps more importantly it goes some way toward confirming that by telling an original story set in the Assassin’s Creed setting following Callum Lynch rather than Desmond Miles, the studio might just be able to take inspiration from a great concept to make a great movie, rather than adapting a game directly to screen and having everyone leave disappointed.

While this is only the first of what’s likely to be many trailers, it might be enough to get some decent box office sales when Assassin’s Creed opens in cinemas this December.

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